Casa Paula

Beautiful Eco Home For Sale in Costa Rica

This lovely 2 bed / 2 bath home has just become available in the amazing La Ecovilla community of Costa Rica. Built with an eco-mindset and goals of passive energy use, durable low-maintenance materials, and single-level construction for ease of mobility, this wonderful home is surrounded by an edible forest garden. Built for comfort and ease, this house is perfect for a small family that would like to join the community and send their children to our fantastic alternative school, Casa Sula.

Essential Information

  • Area of house: 140m2 (1,500ft2)
  • Area of Lot: 1,100m2 (3,575ft2 = ~1/4 acre)
  • Electricity:120/240 VAC, 60 cps
  • Solar Electric Array: 18 X 200Kw = 16Kw/day = 3600Kwh/month (25 year warranty)
  • Potable water from aquifer with 750 liters reserve tank
  • Grey water (for irrigation and toilets)
  • Solar water heater with 150 liter reserve tank built in (10 year warranty)
  • All floor areas tiled and on same level, i.e. no steps
  • All doors extra wide (1 meter)
  • A minimum of wood used to avoid termite problems
  • 2 large bathrooms (one with bath, both with showers)
  • Built-in ventilated closets in both bedrooms
  • All kitchen and bathroom counters surfaced with granite tops
  • Upper-level ventilation with fans in all rooms
  • Flow through fresh air ventilation design, no air conditioning necessary
  • German-made RAM steel doors with 12 point locking system front and rear
  • All doors and windows screened, screen doors on front and rear (virtually insect-proof!)
  • All walls and roof painted with premium elastomeric paint
  • All sun-facing windows with installed with Infra-Red rejecting film (10 year warranty)
  • House built using NUDURA SYSTEM (LEED certified) for all walls
  • Lot slopes towards South-East with many fruit trees
  • Permaculture Double-dug Raised Bed for vegetables and herbs behind the house
  • House and Lot emphasize Low Maintenance design and features
  • House only 3 years old and never been smoked in

Fruit, Vegetables & Food Trees:

  • Banana
  • Plantain
  • Orange
  • Mandarin
  • Grapefruit
  • Surinam Cherry
  • Mulberry
  • Cashew
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Mandalay Chestnut
  • Mango
  • Biriba

Builders Description

Casa Paula has LEED certified Canadian NUDURA technology of incorporating the formwork within the construction, no wood waste. The 2” styrofoam slabs are insect and fire resistant as well as heat and sound insulation. The foundation is floating concrete slab on top off recycled plastic stools for flood protection and Radon gas resistance. Roof is all metal Standing Seam design to reduce water penetration, painted with highly reflective white paint. Ceiling space is filled with 6” fiberglass insulation against heat and sound. 18 Evergreen ESA 210 PV panels installed producing: 18X200Kw=16Kw/day=3600Kwh/month (25 year warranty). 150 liter solar hot water heater. Reserve 750 liter potable water tank. All faucets sinks and showers plumbed with potable water, violets and outside faucets plumbed with grey water. House meets or exceeds all Architectural Codes for sustainability with extra points available.

La Ecovilla is an outstanding success, even in a slow market, because of our permaculture gardens, fiber-optic internet, amazing drinking water and community-owned alternative school.

All lots are completely sold-out, and since only five homes are for sale, we don’t expect Casa Paula to last long. Please get in touch now if you are interested.
The house and its access are designed with durability and low maintenance in mind, and the unfinished landscaping prefers the informal rock garden effect rather than a high maintenance grass lawn. Gentle driveway and no stairs or steps inside. Minimum of wood used in finishings to avoid mold or termites. Monthly condo fees are ₡82,000 (about $150/month).

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