Casa Terry (La Casita)

All of the 44 lots in La Ecovilla have sold out except for Lot #6 (La Casita). A smaller house, yet beautiful views and outstanding indigenous build make it one of the gems in La Eco Villa Crown. Recently upgraded with brand new bathroom (German Build) and outside shower, La Casita is the affordable option for Eco Villa living

La Casita

A lot with a guest house.


Casa Terry (La Casita) stands alone as one of the most indigenous of houses inside La Ecovilla.

It was built from the local stock of wood from the surrounding forests, saving petrol burning vehicles and foreign building materials. And also built from clay, giving her a wholesome, organic feel throughout the property.

Building from wood means La Casita has an immense character as you see from the pictures. Wood is living and if you are looking to be alive, then your feet will dance to the rhythm of the house.


The kitchen is friendly, has a three hob gas cooker, a huge fridge and plenty of space for your dining table and chairs. You can sit on the veranda outside to enjoy your meal/drink, or go upstairs to have a magnificent view of the forest and mountains into the distance.


Both upstairs and downstairs have huge tinted glass windows to avail the sunshine, with opening French style window-doors. The windows are tinted to keep it cool in the hot summer and the trees around have been planted for shade as well. There are banana trees and a lemon tree almost within reaching distance.

Inside Bathroom & Outdoor Shower

To create more space, La Casita has an outside shower, with the bathroom inside the house.

La Casita may suit a single person, a couple or perhaps a family with one child. Families larger than that have been as happy as ever, so there are no limits.

Area Of La Casita

The house is 48 m2 which is smaller than some other houses, yet the whole lot is a generous 1044m2!