Thank you,

This is Karina from Costa Rica! Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in our established residential community, La Ecovilla.

I am a neighbor in this wonderful place and I am also a part of the Real Estate team at LEV (La Ecovilla) and for the new development in the area to be launched in 2020.

Almost all of the people live here full time and work remotely so we not only have electricity but fiber optic to each house and high speed internet.

In case you are interested in renting: Long and short term rentals are random here but we would be happy to assist you when borders in Costa Rica open and you are ready for it.

There are only a few houses for sale and only the last two lots available in La Ecovilla.

The listing prices for the only two lots in La Ecovilla are:

Lote 32 – $145,000 USD. It is 1419,15 m2 (15275 sq ft)

And an exceptional lot- Lote 43B – $105 USD.m2 Total $ 423,000 USD 4027,55 m2 (43352.1874 square feet)

Here are the prices for the houses that are for sale at this moment:

Lote 13A – Casa Mango $210,000 USD

Lote 33 – Casa Anurati $240,000 USD

Lote 18 – Casa Leaf $300,000 USD

Lote 37 – Casa Triskel $370,000 USD

Lote 3 – Casa Verde $425,000 USD

Lote 41 – Casa Pajaros $475,000 USD

Let me know if you want to learn more about them and if you wish to be included in our email list for the new development in the area.

Are you also aware of our unique learning environment, Casa Sula?

We are always curious about how people find La Ecovilla. How did you learn about us?

Please be on the lookout for a webinar that will be announced on our website and on social media that will cover lots of your questions,